Selecting the right landscape design company can be a process. Years of experience, license and insurance and overall knowledge of the industry play a vital role.

Our team is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. In our free evaluation process we explain to each homeowner the benefits of hiring Pap Landscape Design. We are a one stop full service landscape design business that can give you the curb appeal you desire. Throughout the design process our team works with you hand in hand to make sure you feel 100% comfortable. For over 20 years we strive to provide the very best for our customers. Throughout the years we have given tons of tips to our customers to help them along the way. Here are 3 tips to find the best landscape design company.

3 Tips To Find The Best Landscape Design Company

1- Licensed & Insurance:

It is shocking but some contractors do work without the proper Licenses and Insurance. This is a huge risk for you and them. A landscape design contractor needs to be fully licensed and insured to perform this type of work. When looking to hire a contractor you can ask them for a copy of a valid license and insurance. Pap Landscape Design is fully licensed & Insured.

2- Reviews & Testimonials:

Receiving any type of review or testimonials lets us know we are doing our job to our customers satisfaction. Search the company you are looking to hire and see what past customers are saying about them. For convenience some web design companies will add a review page on landscape designers website for you to see recent testimonials. Pap Landscape Design has several A+ rated reviews throughout the internet.

3- Years Of Experience:

Having years of experience makes you more efficient and creative. In the landscape design industry being creative will go along way in the design process. When hiring a contractor ask them how long have they been in business and how many years of experience do they and their team have. Pap Landscape Design has over 20 years experience.

We hope you enjoyed reading 3 tips to find the best landscape design company. If you have any questions please contact us.